Tension is who you’re trying to be.
Relaxation is who you are.
— chinese proverb


Mahina Massage Studio was established in 2010. Asi Texeira is the Owner/Therapist of this private practice. Asi graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in 2005  and has never looked back. 

She realized quickly that Bodywork can strengthen and deepen the Mind/Body connection. This connection to one's self can be masked by the daily grind or constant pushing in one's life. Her drive is to bring people back into their bodies and out of their busy minds by rehabilitating that connection. It is so important to be aware that not all tension is physical but very much emotional.  Asi tailors sessions based off of clients needs and her own assessment of their body.

Asi is an Intuitive Practitioner who fuses all of her teachings/trainings she has gathered over the last 12 years. Being a Mother has given way into her passion for supporting expecting Parents. She also practices yoga, which supports awareness and connection to herself. She knows that one must practice what one preaches.